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  • Why Malta?
    Why Choose Malta?

    Looking for a new place to live? Choose Malta!

    Malta is a great option if you are searching for a new place to settle down. It’s proximity to both Europe and the north of Africa, being in the heart of the Mediterranean, allows for straightforward travel to make countries, and a convenient place to settle down.

    Many envy Malta’s weather. It is fortunate to have mild winters. The coldest months are December to February, where the temperature averages at 15 Celcius. It does rain frequently in Malta during winter but it remains sunny for 5 to 6 hours a day. The most beautiful winter months are October and November, when it is not very cold and outdoor activities are still very possible.

    Malta is well known for its hot, dry summers. July to September is the peak summer season, seeing plenty of tourists visiting the island with temperatures soaring to almost 40 Celcius. April and June, with an average temperature of 28 Celcius, are said to be the best months to visit Malta, as it is not too hot, the sun shines and the skies are clear.

    The education system in Malta is excellent and free of charge (excluding private schooling) to Maltese citizens, with three main educational institutions: public schools, church schools and private schools. Compulsory secondary education prepares students for A-level examinations that lead to a University education. The University of Malta is a respected institution that is also offered for free to Maltese citizens wishing to complete their Bachelors degree.

    Health services in Malta are also free of charge to Maltese and EU nationals and those in possession of a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). The island’s small size means that great healthcare is not far away. The excellent quality of Malta’s health services is extended to government clinics and the recently built Mater Dei Hospital. Private clinics are also found in Malta, at various locations.

    The benefits of living in Malta include taxation benefits. These profitable regulations are set to target new investors. There is no worldwide taxation on income earned outside of Malta, and income tax is very low, with 15% taxation on income remitted to Malta.

    The island is synonymous with entertainment, as there are activities to suit all ages, interests and budgets. There are hundreds of clubs hosting international music acts, bars and pubs, numerous restaurants, casinos, theatres, cinemas and cultural sites.

    Malta’s artistic scene is blooming and local talent if rife. Musicians, actors and artists are found all over the island. The iconic Manoel Theatre is a Baroque, 300 year old theatre that still sees numerous events performed on its stage at all times of the year.

    Sports activities are also popular in Malta. Activities range from football, basketball and volleyball, to athletics, golf and horse racing. In addition swimming, water polo and other water sports.