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  • Why Malta?

    Malta has much to offer if you are seeking an idyllic place to spend your retirement or restart your life. The country is considered very safe, with relatively low crime rates and car accidents. The health services offer quality treatment and free of charge to Maltese residents. Mater Dei Hospital, Malta’s newest and most technologically advanced medical centre boasts state of the art equipment. Various polyclinics can be found on the island, along with private hospitals that employ thousands of qualified doctors, dentists, professors and other health professionals.

    Malta also offers benefits for overseas investors, including membership in the EU, competitive wage rates, a skilled English-speaking labour market, access to the European and North African markets, a fair and lawful business environment, brilliant telecommunications and transport connections as well as numerous economic and other investment incentives.

    Facts and Figures - according to Eurostat

    Official name: Republic of Malta

    Area (km2): 316

    Population: 421 364 (2012)

    Capital: Valletta

    Currency: Euro (€)

    Date of joining EU: 01 May 2004

    Head of state: Dr George Abela, since April 2009

    Head of government: Dr Joseph Muscat, since March 2013, leading the Maltese Labour Party

    GDP (millions €): €6851 (December 2012)

    GDP per capita: €16100 (2012)

    Real growth rate of GDP: -0.40% (2013)

    Unemployment rate: 6.4% (October 2012)

    National debt as % of GDP: 71.3% (December 2012)

    Inflation: 3.2% (December 2013)

    Public deficit/surplus as % of GDP: -3.30% (2012)


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