A Guide to the Best Neighbourhoods for Renters in Malta

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Choosing where to live is a monumental decision, particularly if you’re considering a move to or within Malta. The island offers a variety of neighbourhoods each with its distinct characteristics and charm, making it essential to carefully consider what each area has to offer before deciding on your new home. As specialists in Maltese property rentals, we’ve observed several key criteria that potential renters should consider when hunting for the perfect neighbourhood.

The process of selecting the right neighbourhood involves more than just falling in love with the property. It’s about ensuring that the area meets your day-to-day needs and supports your lifestyle. 

Factors such as local amenities, transportation links, and overall safety can dramatically impact your living experience in Malta. Over the years, our team has gathered insights into the most favourable neighbourhoods for renters on the island, taking into account these critical considerations.

By guiding you through the unique features of each top neighbourhood for renters, including what amenities are available and the transport options, we aim to help you make an informed and satisfying choice about where to settle. Whether you’re a young professional, a family, or a retiree, Malta has a neighbourhood that can cater to your needs and preferences, and we’re here to help you find it.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Neighbourhood in Malta

Choosing the right neighbourhood in Malta is as crucial as selecting the perfect home itself. We focus on several key criteria to help you make the best decision. First and foremost is proximity to key amenities such as schools, shops, and medical facilities. We know that convenience is a major factor for our clients, and we always consider the logistical aspects of daily living. 

Another significant factor is the overall atmosphere and community spirit of the area. Whether you prefer a bustling, vibrant community or a more serene, quiet neighbourhood, we have the expertise to guide you to locations that suit your lifestyle preferences.

In addition, we take into account the future development plans of the area. It’s important to us that you invest in a neighbourhood not just for what it offers now but also for the potential it holds. By considering these factors, we empower you to make an informed choice, ensuring that the neighbourhood you choose enhances your living experience in Malta.

Overview of Top Neighbourhoods for Renters in Malta

Malta offers a variety of appealing neighbourhoods for renters, each with unique features and benefits. Valletta, the capital city, is ideal for those who love history and easy access to cultural events. The narrow streets are lined with baroque buildings and there are plenty of cafes, restaurants, and bars to explore. 

For those looking for a more relaxed seaside vibe, Sliema and St. Julian’s are popular choices. These areas are known for their beautiful promenades and a wide range of dining and shopping options, making them perfect for younger renters and professionals.

For families, areas like Birkirkara and Mosta offer spacious residential options with parks, schools and recreational zones nearby. These localities are known for their strong community feel and are a bit removed from the tourist hustle, providing a quieter environment. 

Each of these neighbourhoods has something special to offer, and we take great care in helping you understand the characteristics of each area to find the perfect match for your preferences and lifestyle needs.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Neighbourhood in Malta

When searching for rental properties in Malta, selecting the right neighbourhood is crucial. We’ve developed a criteria to help tenants find their ideal location, focusing on factors such as accessibility, local culture, and economic stability. 

First and foremost, proximity to essential services like supermarkets, medical facilities, and schools is a primary concern for many. Additionally, potential renters should consider the local job market; areas with growing employment opportunities are often attractive.

We also advise considering the cultural and social atmosphere of the neighbourhood, which can significantly enhance your living experience. Areas with a vibrant community life, regular events, and active local organisations provide a richer, more enjoyable environment. These factors together help ensure our clients not only find a property but also a home in a community that meets all their needs.

Overview of Top Neighbourhoods for Renters in Malta

In our experience, certain neighbourhoods stand out as particularly favourable for renters. Sliema, for example, is immensely popular among both locals and expatriates due to its lively atmosphere and extensive amenities. It offers a blend of modern luxury apartments and charming townhouses, suitable for a variety of lifestyle preferences.

Another highly sought-after area is Valletta, known for its historical significance and unique architectural landscape. For those who appreciate a quieter, more laid-back environment, Mellieha offers stunning sea views and a slower pace of life while still providing all necessary amenities. Each of these neighbourhoods provides unique advantages, and we take pride in helping our clients navigate these options to find a fit that is just right for their needs.


Choosing the right rental property in Malta involves considering various factors including neighbourhood, property features, and personal lifestyle needs. We strive to support our clients at every step of the journey, from explaining rental agreements to finding the perfect home in the ideal location. Understanding the local rental market trends, neighbourhood characteristics, and having access to up-to-date, relevant information forms the core of our service, ensuring that our clients make informed decisions.

If you’re looking to rent in Malta and need guidance or information, Malta Lets is here to help. Our team is dedicated to finding you not just a rental, but a place where you can thrive. Contact us today to discover how we can assist you in finding the perfect apartment for rent in Malta

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