Furnished or Unfurnished? A Guide to Rental Properties in Malta

Rental Properties in Malta

Renting a property in Malta can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Whether you are moving to the island for work, study, or simply to enjoy the exceptional climate and vibrant lifestyle, finding the perfect rental property is essential to ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

One of the most important decisions you will encounter when searching for a rental property is whether to opt for a furnished or unfurnished rental. Both options come with their unique advantages, and the right choice will ultimately depend on your personal needs, preferences, and circumstances.

At Malta Lets, we appreciate the importance of understanding the distinctions between furnished and unfurnished properties and helping our clients make informed decisions that align with their needs and expectations.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the key features, pros, and cons of furnished and unfurnished rentals in Malta, providing valuable insights and practical advice to assist you in weighing up your options and selecting a rental property that caters to your requirements and lifestyle. From assessing the convenience and cost implications to considering factors such as flexibility, personalisation, and practicality, our goal is to equip you with the knowledge you need to navigate the Maltese rental market with confidence and ease.

Features of Furnished Rentals in Malta

Furnished rentals in Malta typically come with a range of essential furniture and appliances, offering a convenient and hassle-free solution for tenants seeking a move-in-ready property. Here are some key features of furnished rentals:

1. Essential furnishings: Furnished rentals usually include items such as beds, seating, tables, wardrobes, and essential kitchen appliances, thus reducing the need for tenants to invest in furniture.

2. Convenience: Furnished properties provide a convenient option for short-term rentals, expats, or individuals with limited time to dedicate to purchasing and installing their furniture.

3. Limited personalisation: Tenants have less flexibility to personalise the space as the rental already contains furniture and decor selected by the landlord.

4. Potential higher rental costs: Tenants can expect to pay a premium for furnished properties due to the added convenience and ease.

Pros and Cons of Furnished Rentals

To help you evaluate if a furnished rental is right for you, consider the following advantages and disadvantages:


– Convenience: Furnished rentals are ideal for those seeking a hassle-free move, as they eliminate the need to source and transport furniture.

– Time-saving: Ideal for those with a busy lifestyle or work commitments, furnished rentals streamline the moving process.

– Short-term appeal: Furnished properties generally cater to short-term stays or expats who do not want to invest in purchasing their furniture.


– Limited personalisation: Furnished rentals may limit your ability to tailor the space to your tastes and preferences.

– Higher rental costs: Furnished properties often come with a higher rental price, as tenants pay for the convenience of a fully equipped home.

– Wear and tear: Furniture provided by the landlord may show signs of wear and tear, leading to potential issues with maintenance and replacement.

Features of Unfurnished Rentals in Malta

Unfurnished rentals in Malta are properties devoid of furnishings and appliances, providing a blank canvas for tenants to personalise their living space. The key characteristics of unfurnished rentals include:

1. Freedom to personalise: Unfurnished rentals offer the opportunity to choose and arrange your furniture, colours, and decor according to your preferences and needs.

2. Longer leases: Unfurnished properties typically appeal to long-term tenants who plan to invest in their own furniture and establish a more permanent home.

3. Lower rental costs: Unfurnished rentals tend to come with lower rental prices compared to furnished properties, often making them a more cost-effective option.

4. Upfront furniture investment: Tenants will need to allocate a budget for acquiring necessary furniture and appliances, as well as coordinating their transportation and installation.

Pros and Cons of Unfurnished Rentals

To grasp whether an unfurnished rental is your best choice, consider these advantages and drawbacks:


– Personalisation: Unfurnished rentals provide the freedom to style and decorate your home according to your tastes and preferences.

– Cost-effectiveness: Unfurnished properties usually come with lower rental prices compared to furnished rentals.

– Long-term appeal: Unfurnished rentals are well-suited for long-term tenants who wish to create a stable, personalised living environment.


– Upfront investment: Unfurnished rentals require tenants to invest in furniture and appliances, which could be a significant upfront cost.

– Time-consuming: Sourcing, purchasing, and setting up furniture for your rental property can be a time-consuming process.

– Logistics: Organising the transportation and installation of your furniture may present additional costs and logistical challenges.

Final Thoughts

Deciding between a furnished or unfurnished rental property in Malta depends on your unique needs, circumstances, and preferences. By understanding the key features, pros, and cons of each option, you can make an informed decision that best meets your lifestyle requirements and expectations.

Trust Malta Lets to guide you in finding the ideal rental property, whether furnished or unfurnished, tailored to your needs in the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta. Our team of dedicated and knowledgeable property agents in Malta is committed to providing exceptional service, advice, and support throughout your rental journey.

With our expertise, passion, and unrivalled understanding of the Maltese rental market, you can confidently embark on your adventure and create lasting memories in a home that reflects your tastes and desires.

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