The Ultimate Guide to Pet-Friendly Rentals in Malta: Finding the Perfect Home for You and Your Furry Friends

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As a nation of animal lovers, we understand just how important it is for our clients to find the perfect rental property that accommodates both their needs and those of their beloved pets. Renting with pets in Malta may seem challenging at first, as not all landlords are open to allowing furry tenants in their properties, but worry not! 

In this ultimate guide to pet-friendly rentals in Malta, we will provide a wealth of information and tips for tenants seeking to rent with pets. As a well-established real estate agency, our objective at Malta Lets is to help you navigate the intricacies of securing a pet-friendly rental while offering valuable insights into how best to integrate your furry companions into the Maltese way of life.

Throughout the following sections, we will cover intent-driven content that will assist you in tackling key issues related to renting with pets in Malta, such as determining the suitability of different rental properties, establishing open communication with potential landlords, understanding pet-related tenancy responsibilities, and familiarising yourself with local resources and regulations relevant to pet owners.

So whether you’re the proud owner of a sociable canine, an agreeable feline, or anything in-between, let us be your trusted partner in your search for a pet-friendly rental property in Malta. Read on to embark on the next adventure in your pet-focused rental journey!

Finding the Right Pet-Friendly Rental Property in Malta

One of the primary challenges of renting with pets in Malta is finding a suitable property that meets the needs of all members of your household, both human and animal. Here are some factors to consider when embarking on your search:

  • Outdoor Space: Access to outdoor space is especially important for active pets, as it allows them the freedom to explore and exercise. Consideration should be given to properties that offer a garden, terrace, or proximity to parks or beaches if your pets will regularly make use of these amenities.
  • Size and Layout: Adaptability is key when it comes to accommodating pets, so seek out properties with adequate space and layouts that can be customised to fit your pet’s needs, such as creating designated sleeping areas or pet-proofing specific rooms.
  • Location and Accessibility: The surrounding area and accessibility of your rental property will impact both your daily life and that of your pet. Prioritise neighbourhoods that are pet-friendly and provide easy access to necessary amenities, such as local veterinarians and pet supply stores.

Securing a Pet-Friendly Rental: Communicating with Landlords and Agents

Clear and open communication is crucial when securing a pet-friendly rental. Here are a few tried-and-tested tips to ensure a successful dialogue with prospective landlords or agents:

  • Honesty and Transparency: Providing straightforward information about your pet from the outset will help potential landlords better understand the expectations of renting to a pet owner. Voluntarily offer relevant information, such as your pet’s breed, size, and temperament, to demonstrate trustworthiness and foster transparency.
  • Pet Resumé: A pet resumé can effectively showcase your pet’s qualities and address common landlord concerns. Include details such as age, medical history, vaccination records, obedience training, and character references from previous landlords, neighbours, or veterinarians.
  • Negotiation and Flexibility: Understand that some landlords may have reservations about allowing pets on their property. Be prepared to offer negotiation points, such as a higher security deposit or a pet damage liability clause to alleviate any concerns.

Understanding Your Pet-Related Tenancy Responsibilities

As a tenant renting with pets, you’ll have additional responsibilities to uphold during your stay. Keep the following points in mind:

  • Maintenance and Hygiene: Regular cleaning and proper maintenance of your rental property is essential in preventing any damage and maintaining healthy conditions for both you and your pets.
  • Noise and Nuisance Management: Minimising any disturbances to neighbours is crucial when renting with pets. Implement strategies to manage your pet’s behaviour, such as obedience training, and address any noise or nuisance concerns promptly.
  • Adherence to Local Regulations: Familiarise yourself with any pet-related regulations in your chosen neighbourhood, including leash laws, noise ordinances, and pet waste disposal guidelines.

Navigating Malta with Pets: Local Resources and Regulations for Pet Owners

To ensure a smooth transition for you and your pets, it’s essential to be aware of the resources and regulations available for pet owners in Malta. Here are some key aspects to consider:

  • Veterinary Services and Pet Supplies: A wide array of veterinarian clinics, pet supply stores, and grooming services are available throughout Malta, offering comprehensive care for your furry companions. Research local options and select providers that best meet your pet’s needs.
  • Dog Parks and Pet-Friendly Locations: Malta boasts numerous pet-friendly outdoor spaces, ranging from designated dog parks to beaches and nature trails. Seek out these locations to enhance your pet’s outdoor adventures and promote an active, healthy lifestyle.
  • Pet Travel and Transport: Familiarise yourself with regulations and guidelines pertaining to pet travel in Malta, including adherence to airline requirements, microchipping, rabies vaccinations, and obtaining a pet passport. Additionally, be aware of any public transport policies regarding pet access and accommodations.


Successfully navigating the world of pet-friendly rentals in Malta involves understanding the rental market, effectively communicating with landlords and agents, fulfilling your tenancy responsibilities, and making the most of the available resources and regulations for pet owners. With our guidance, you can confidently overcome the challenges of renting with pets and establish a comfortable, welcoming home for you and your beloved animals.

As your trusted real estate partners, Malta Lets looks forward to assisting you in every step of your pet-focused rental journey in Malta, providing expert advice and personalised support tailored to your unique needs. With our help, you and your pets can embark on a memorable and rewarding adventure together, as you embrace the warmth and beauty of the Maltese islands. Contact us today to find pet-friendly property for rent in Malta direct from owner

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