3 of the most beautiful Maltese Beaches

3 of the most beautiful Maltese Beaches

St Peter’s Pool

This natural swimming pool, located at the tip of Delimara Point, is a popular spot amongst the locals from the south, and though it may not be easy to get to (this rocky inlet is tucked away) it is certainly worth the trip, particularly if you love to snorkel. In case you’re curious to know about the location’s name, legend has it that this used to be the place where St Peter baptized Christians during his visit to Malta.

Fomm Ir-Rih

Located just off the village of Bahrija, Fomm Ir-Rih has got to be one of the most isolated and untouched bays in Malta. Most probably because getting to this little beach is not easy and requires a little hike – for this reason, be sure to put on your best walking boots, since the footpath, cut into the rock, can be a little tricky. Alternatively, you can access the area by boat, which will make things a lot easier. The views here are spectacular and the water, crystal clear, making it the perfect location to swim or snorkel when calm. But, when the wind blows north or west, it can get pretty dangerous, so be sure to look into Malta’s Windfinder first.

Imgiebah Bay

Better known as Selmun, Imgiebah Bay is an isolated beach which does not attract swarms of crowds. Getting here can be a little troublesome though, as many Maltese do get lost trying to remember which road leads to this pretty bay – then there’s the climb down the cliff path which does put many off. Nevertheless, rest assured that the trouble you do take to get here will be worth your while, making it the perfect spot for some snorkelling amid untouched natural beauty – just make sure that the sea is calm first.

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