Attention: useful news for current and prospective clients.

useful news for current and prospective clients

Watch out, here you will pick up valuable information, general suggestions and specific advice for next rentals or sales.

At first the premises have to be safe and fit to live in. It means eg no naked electrical equipment, no open gas equipment and no current construction zones in the property, unless the property is left for self expansion. All windows and doors have to be open and close easily and all locks have to be secure and operate effectively with the keys. In any case, a complete set of keys should be available.

Prospective tenants and buyers are always interested as possible to as many information. The more comprehensive the description of the property is, the more likely there is a tenant or a buyer. Significant details about the location and the traffic connections are interesting, too.

Short let properties require specify furnishings. The device shall not highly modern, but also be tough. Potential tenants do not want to give up their usual standard. Therefore, Internet, wireless, television and radio, as well as a washing machine is always a good advertising medium. Leave special equipment for specific items in the property, eg for cleaning.

Photos of the property are needed to be presentable. For example not out of focus, not too dark or too light and not with personal belongings, eg photos or Plush Toys. But above all, the property should look clean and tidy. Also untidy lawns and gardens are not attractive for a new prospective client.

Images of the furniture and the views from the property are always nice to look at, but also a rough floor plan is interesting to appreciate the size of the rooms. And further more the intersection of the property.

All in all, if you follow these details, you will quickly find a suitable tenant or buyer for your property.

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