Lascaris War Rooms

Lascaris War Rooms

Located 400 feet under the Upper Barrakka Gardens in Valletta you can find Lascaris War Rooms, representing one of Malta’s best kept secrets from the Second World War. These are comprised of a network of tunnels and chambers underground that housed British’s War headquarters in Malta from where all the defence and offensive operations in the Mediterranean were directed.

This complex housed an operations room for each of the fighting services which included the vital Fighter Control Room from where all air and sea operations were observed and controlled. Supporting it, was a Filter Room through which channelled and filtered all radar traffic as well as an Anti-aircraft Gun Operations Room which was used to coordinate artillery fire against air attack.

After the war, Lascaris War Rooms became the Mediterranean Fleet Headquarters. In 2009, Fondazzjoni Wirt Artna – the Malta Heritage Trust has embarked on the restoration of this historic complex, and after painstaking work to restore the premises, Lascaris War Rooms are now open to the public.

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