Malta: best place to work, socialise…

Malta best place to work socialise

Malta: best place to work, socialise… but don’t mention the transport!

Almost half of respondents say their salary in Malta is lower

Expats rank Malta’s travel and transport poorly, even if the island comes out on top in the ‘working abroad’ index, according to a survey.

Malta ranks in 39th place in the transport satisfaction category, with 36 of foreigners who have settled here saying they are “particularly dissatisfied”, echoing the daily frustration of the Maltese.

InterNations, the largest global network for people who live and work abroad, recently asked 14,400 expatriates from around the world about their life abroad for the annual Expat Insider survey.

Expats answered questions about various aspects of everyday life in their adopted home, such as quality of life, ease of settling in, working abroad, family life, personal finance, and cost of living.

Many of the expats living in Malta are generally happy with their career prospects (67 per cent), work-life balance (67 per cent) and working hours (69 per cent).

73 per cent find it easy to make new friends in Malta

At the same time, though, 46 per cent say that their income is now lower than it used to be back home and 38 per cent fall into the lowest income brackets of
€22,000 and below.

But Malta is popular for its ease of settling in and makes it to fourth place in the respective index. In fact, 73 per cent find it easy to make new friends in Malta, and 77 per cent feel right at home. Still, according to eight per cent of respondents, the friendliness towards foreign residents could be better.

The Maltese language might be a tough nut to crack but 17 per cent of respondents claim they find the local language easy to learn, while 88 per cent disagree that life is difficult without speaking it.

They are quite happy with the socialising and leisure options (79 per cent), the quality of healthcare (80 per cent), and almost everybody (97 per cent) is happy with the weather.

Malta only makes it to 42nd place in the Personal Finance Index, though, with 62 per cent saying they are overall happy with their financial situation.

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