The Shoreline In Kalkara

SmartCity Malta is a joint venture between the Government of Malta and SmartCity Dubai, with the Government of Malta holding a 9% equity stake. SmartCity is the international arm of TECOM Investments business parks and is envisioned to develop and manage a network of interconnected business townships across the world, in order to replicate the astounding success TECOM has seen throughout its 11 business parks across 5 sectors in Dubai. These business parks attract 50,000 knowledge workers every day.

SmartCity Malta is designed to serve as a business hub for Malta’s knowledge economy, attracting both local and international companies. The project aims to:

  • Become the leading destination for knowledge-based clusters

  • Generate jobs in the knowledge sectors for the people of Malta

  • Attract FDI to the knowledge sectors

  • Make a significant contribution towards increasing the share of knowledge industries towards Malta’s GDP

The first of its kind on the islands, Laguna Walk at SmartCity Malta offers a dynamic venue for various events with its spectacularly choreographed fountains, beautiful promenade, grand steps and scenic terraces overlooking the lagoon. In addition, the open-air amphitheatre, which will continue to host a number of attractions, and the terraced seating, all enjoy breathtaking views of the infinity lagoon and the azure Mediterranean Sea.  

As the leading developer of knowledge-based business townships, SmartCity creates knowledge-based clusters. Through the expertise gained from the development of 11 business townships in the Middle East, today, SmartCity is an important purveyor of knowledge clusters. Working closely with local governments, it translates its expertise and develops international business clusters that fuel economic and personal growth.

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