St Angelo Mansions In Vittoriosa

The apartments have been built on 3 aspects and are located between the city of Vittoriosa/Birgu and Fort St Angelo and bounded by the waters of the Grand Harbour. On one side there is the Grand Harbour Marina which hosts a significant number of super yachts and there is always something to watch while on the other side you have Kalkara Creek which includes a view of the entrance to the busy Harbour. The third side of the complex looks on to the ‘Menqa’, means moat, between the apartments and Fort St Angelo. The are a large number of restaurants, museums, village shops and a Casino within easy walking distance.

Visitors to the complex are invited to check out the ‘Visitors’ section for information they may find useful.

The Association has a Managing Agent who is responsible for the day to day running of the services to the complex. There is 24/7 on-site security.

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