Why Choose Malta?

There are many reasons to choose Malta as your next destination to call home.And it’s not only for the climate!

If you’re looking for a new place to live where the locals are super friendly, the next hit of paradise is a short drive away and the cuisine is right up there with the best of the world, Malta is your number one destination.

Locally, Malta and Gozo offer some of the best living environments in Europe, with safety and security levels at an all-time high, free health care and education, all the way to tertiary level – both of which are excellent in quality and variety as well as private health care and education options that are absolutely elite.

Living in Malta is laid back and relaxed when it comes to the entertainment options, but can also be driven and ambitious when it comes to the workforce and all the thriving sectors on the islands. The most successful industries include the construction, tourism and hospitality industry with peaks in niche sectors too. Malta is always looking to innovate and welcome new technology and digitalization ideas into its social workings. The advantageous tax incentives on the Maltese islands, are also beneficial to all those looking to set up permanent business relocation in the country, making Malta the ideal country for investment.

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With that also comes the complete freedom of movement for all those permanent residents whose business is registered in Malta or for those who apply for residency upon property investment.

Apart from the living standards in Malta that greatly influence the quality of life within a country, the climate provides 300+ days of sunshine, access to swimming zones across all 3 islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino as well as ample culture and entertainment options to enjoy throughout the year. Tourism in Malta is enchanting, whether you’re a local or a visitor to the islands.

Plus Malta’s geographic location makes for a great starting destination for all your overseas travel needs – Europe, Africa and beyond, Malta’s a great spot to start from.

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